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Teeth Whitening: At Home Or Professionally Done? Health Articles | March 11 S'well Bottles Swing Cap Zeus 500ml Ireland , 2012
With the increasing amount of home teeth whitening systems available, what is the best choice for you? For a comparison between the home kits and a professional service, read on.

A bright white smile can leave you feeling confident S'well Bottles Azure Leopard 500ml Ireland , secure and make a good impression on others. In the current climate where physical appearance is more essential than ever, maintaining your smile can take on extra importance and meaning. Thankfully, the availability of teeth whitening systems is greater than it has ever been in the past. Whether they are the home kits available in any supermarket or drug store or the professional services available at your dentist's office then there are many options available to keep a bright healthy smile.

It can be a difficult decision as to which of these teeth whitening options is the best fit for your lifestyle and finances. Each of the options has their benefits and downsides S'well Bottles Floral Madonna Lily 500ml Ireland , so it is important to consider all aspects of each to help make your decision. Firstly, we'll discuss the home whitening kits.

These non-professional options have some positives over the in office treatments available from a dentist. They are relatively inexpensive and the variety of application styles means you can find the most convenient type for you. The most common home teeth whitening systems available are the self-application gel and tray combination or the newer style dissolving whitening strips. The main benefits of these styles of applications is that they can be done at your convenience while you complete other tasks, allowing you to save valuable time. The home kits will also cost less money than a professional option but require multiple applications over the course of one or two weeks for the best possible results. They will often require fresh applications multiple times a year to maintain optimal teeth whiteness S'well Bottles Floral Blush 500ml Ireland , as with any teeth whitening using whitening toothpaste, mouthwash and regular flossing will keep your teeth looking their best.

The benefits of the professional whitening options over the home teeth whitening kits are many. Often home kits are not suitable for teeth that are not in optimal health; any gum sensitivity or unfilled cavities can mean increased sensitivity or pain while using home kits. Professional systems are applied carefully and will not be used on teeth that are not healthy enough to be whitened. While the kits are more expensive and require the time investment of a dental office visit they only require one application to achieve the desired results. Professional applied treatments also maintain their efficiency for longer periods of time and will not require multiple reapplications as soon as a home kit will.

Depending on what your final choice is, follow the instructions properly and follow up with a regular and thorough cleaning program and you can keep or get back a healthy white smile leaving you feeling confident and self-assured.

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